Mousse T.



Jamiroquai did timeless tunes for my humble opinion. And sometimes it is hard to believe that some of them are already 25 years old. It was a very good time in the late 80’s and early 90’s with all that stuff called Acid Jazz, coming over to germany from the UK and the US, collected by people who know their stuff. It opened music-horizons, at least mine. And there was that one thing with Jamiroquai, that counts for every band and makes a difference: They can play live and give you that good 2-hour-goosebump-feeling.

Have a listen, there are 15 tunes.

John Morales

John Morales is – for my humble opinion – one of the best remixers around. Some reasons for this. His style is unique, you know after some bars that it is a M+M Production. He is one of those, who can tell their own story with a song or a remix. And i am pretty sure, that especially his reworks of Marvin Gaye’s Songs are the best you can get.

I had the pleasure to meet him some times and listen to his DJ-Sets, which also is an experience you should not miss.

Angela Johnson

For me she is one of a kind. I first stumbled onto US Vocalist Angela Johnson when she did Cooly’s Hot Box – a project together with John Christian Urich from Tortured Soul. I love her voice and and I like the variety in it. She is a very good smooth soul singer, but also in Jazz and Soulful House. And I love with whom and for whom she works – some of my fav musicians like Frank McComb, Eric Roberson and Reel People.

Franke Estevez

Franke Estevez is a soulful house producer, remixer and a DJ and Radio-DJ. He is based in New York.
I once found him on Soundcloud. I love his work for some reasons, to name two: His song selection is awesome, he never fails on that. His remixes are DJ-friendly in perfection with a very clear intro- and outro-structure. It is much fun to work with his tunes on a set.