The Interview with MDK

I am releasing my own songs on the label of my good friend Stuart McNeill in the UK. It is a good example how social networks enrichens your life if you use them in a good way. Stuart and me were part of a musicproject on Facebook, which connected Musiclovers from allovertheworld. Some of us met in the UK a few moons ago. Mac is running his own label Mac Da Knife Digital, where i have to pleasure to be on. The Interview is from 2013…


How did you come up with your artist name?

Maxk was the name I used when I wrote about Music in the 80’s and 90’s for german newspapers and magazines. I also used it when I dj’d at that time. It is just an abbreviation of Markus and the Initial my last name starts with.

What genres do you produce?

Soul, Funk, House, and I always have an ear for some Acid Jazz Tunes. Back to the Basics…

What are your musical influences?

Too many to call them all, but I still love some proper Funk and Soul. I still adore Earth, Wind & Fire, Keni Burke and Luther Vandross. I am still in Love with most of the Purple Prince Songs and even more of his Gang, I love some Acidjazz-Tunes and adore Incognito and The Brand New Heavies. I am very much into Soulful and more and more into Deep House. And I love voices.

How did you get into the scene?

I started listening to BFBS in 1976, when I was 14 and I started writing about Music and about Records in the early 80’s. I stopped that in the mid-90’s cause of my newspaper job and my family, but got back on it with the beginning of social networks – around 2008 and 2009, while working on a small Platform called Facebook gave me the chance to get connected to many lovely People, while I was part of a project called Indamixworldwide. And I am really happy that I could meet some of them and my facebook-friends already. Looks like the UK is getting my second home, with 8 visits in one year…

What was the first piece of vinyl you ever bought?

The first one I bought was Raul de Souza “Sweet Lucy”. The second one was Earth, Wind & Fire’s “All’n All”. Some more have followed; I have spent some money on vinyls…

What are your favourite tunes of all time?

If I name ten today: Earth, Wind & Fire “In The Stone”, Jocelyn Brown “Somebody Else’s Guy”, Jamiroquai “Blow Your Mind”, Keni Burke “Risin’ To The Top, Luther Vandross “Never Too Much”, Keith Washington “Stay in my Corner”, Grant Nelson “The Sound”, Imaani “I Found my Light (Reel People Mix), Frank McComb “Shine”, Marc Evans “The Way you love me”. Ask me tomorrow for the next 50

What are your favourite clubs/nights ever?

My fav Club in Hannover was Palo Palo, when Ferry Ultra and Mousse T. were djing there. I also love the Baltic Soul Weekender in Germany with an always extraordinary line-up of Bands, Artists and DJs. And I am exploring some clubs in the UK now. If you need a hint, you better have a look at Hoochie Coochie in Newcastle. How lovely is that.

What other producers are doing it at the moment?

Besides all those who are part of Mac Da Knife Digital: Defo all those who got the feeling for the good old songs and get it into now. Two of them are my buddies Rob Hardt from Cool Million and Tom Glide, Neil Tomo does wonderful on it like Soulpersona does too, there are also Mark Jordan, Paul Hemmingway and Ken Walker, who can give songs their very own touch. I still really like what Joey Negro does. I am very much into the way Sean McCabe, Matt Early, Rob Hayes, Dave Doyle and Piers Penfold are doing with Soulful House (Just to name a few because there are so so many good ones). And I truly adore how the new Omar Album is produced.

What is your favourite bit of kit in your studio?

My Mac, My m-audio m49-Keyboard and my ears. I also like my little toys from native instruments – a z1 and an x1, cause they fit into a flightcase

What projects are you working on now, or got lined up?

There is one song with a loveliest vocalist from London which should be released in September. It’s a kind of Funky Soul Jazz. I am also waiting for some lovely peeps like Tom Glide, Paris Cesvette and Stuart McNeill who are working on remixes on a Song called “Pegstar”. And there is a new one, we just started, my Bro Molasses did an awesome mix on. Time will tell.


Author: Markus Kater

Retired Newspaper-Journalist, Music Lover, People Connector, Radio Presenter, DJ. Strong passion for tunes that make people love and dance.

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