Kenny Dope & Louie Vega

I had the pleasure to see those two magic DJ-Musicians playing in London’s O2-Hall some moons ago. That was quite a nice weekend with friends I knew from social networks. We had much fun on the terrace in brixton listening to Dimitri Of Paris, took a twohourtaxiride through the rainy night, visited Ash Selector’s lovely Partnight finally meeting Natasha Watts, who did a lovely live PA there. And later on – one of those highlights to remember – we went to the O2. Groove Assassin and Friend John Morales played and at 3 in the morning, Mr. Vega and Mr. Dope entered the decks for a 4-hour-ride. that was fascinating. fascinating to see how they moved that big crowd; and fascinating to see how they did it, sitting about 10 meters away from each other. pure heat.


Author: Markus Kater

Retired Newspaper-Journalist, Music Lover, People Connector, Radio Presenter, DJ. Strong passion for tunes that make people love and dance.

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