Earth, Wind & Fire

17th July 2013. In the morning i am at the court in my hometown, some family business. i had better times than this morning to be honest. but there is a trainride with a few hours waiting for me, time for my little macbook and some play around with logic and some tunes. the train leads me to mainz on a warm summer evening. earth, wind & fire is playing live outside of a nice castle. stars are shining, people are happy – and philip bailey is singing like god on this evening. two hours with him, ralph johnson, verdine white and the rest of the crew. it is just awesome.


I do not think in those categories, but if someone would ask me, which band and music i adore most, i would name them. yes, earth, wind & fire is probably the best band in the world.


Author: Markus Kater

Retired Newspaper-Journalist, Music Lover, People Connector, Radio Presenter, DJ. Strong passion for tunes that make people love and dance.

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